I just returned from Grand Junction, Colorado where I presented an interactive talk entitled “Creative Teaching” as the opening session for the Festival for Creative Pianists.  The festival was absolutely fabulous!  The talk went really well and was well-received.  It is such a sweet experience to have an intimate human communion in such an environment.

I had a number of activities that I explored with listeners and participants that covered such topics as imitation, character development, harmonic progression, and tonal centers.  Even though the time was short, the presentation broke the ice and encouraged others to forge ahead into the wonderful world of creative art!

I was honored to have the opportunity to work and collaborate with such fine musicians as Dr. Arthur Houle, Dr. John Salmon, and Dr. Luke Gillepsie at this festival.  Of course, we must not forget dear Evelyn Billberg who phenomenally ironed out all the logistical challenges of transportation and finer details of the festival.  🙂

The festival include 12 participants this year who performed a variety of works across all genres and periods including Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Impressionistic, 20th-century, Contemporary, Jazz, Popular, Hymns, Gospel, and Rag-time.  These styles were performed as solo pieces, 4-hand works, and 2-piano works.  Participants also composed, arranged, transcribed, and improvised in these styles.  It was phenomenal to watch, and absolutely heart-warming and touching to experience the individual spirit of each of the participants.

A full line-up of the festival can been viewed at http://www.pianofestival.org/.